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Janna Sweenie

Janna Sweenie has been teaching ASL for over 40 years. Janna is ASL Program Coordinator at New York University, and she has been teaching ASL@NYU for over 25 years. Additional ASL teaching credits include The Juilliard School, The College of New Rochelle, LaGuardia Community College, and the Hotel Macklowe. Janna is the author of seven books on American Sign Language; and she created, and teaches, the ASL Level 5 course at NYU.

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David Boles

David Boles has been teaching American Sign Language for over 30 years. He founded the ASL program of study at the CUNY professional school and, for the past two decades, he's promoted online teaching and private tutoring here at Hardcore ASL. He also created SOSasl.com -- the original first online emergency commnication portal for first responders. David has written over 50 books, ten specifically on ASL and Deaf Culture social memes.