ASL Levels 1-7 Videos
by Janna Sweenie and David Boles

Hardcore ASL Video FacialExpressions: This is the foundation of American Sign Languge. Master these expressions and you're halfway home.

Hardcore ASL Video HandShapes: We teach American Sign Language using the HandShapes method. Learn the HandShapes and the rest will follow. Every sign is, at its core, one of these basic HandShapes.

Hardcore ASL Video Level One: Colors, Numbers, Wh-Words, Driving, Building, Drinks, Eating

Hardcore ASL Video Level Two: Defining Space, Schools, Responses, Desires, House, Clothes, More Numbers, Emotions

Hardcore ASL Video Level Three: Advanced Numbers, Responding, Tasks, Feelings, Sweets, Food, Hauntings, Bodies

Hardcore ASL Video Level Four: Day Parts, Extreme Numbers, Thanks, Time, Winter Things, Animals

Hardcore ASL Video Level Five: Creating Location, Computers, Technology, Storytelling, Design, Graphics

Hardcore ASL Video Level Six: Law, Hospitals, Order, the Body, Processing, Drugs, Emergencies

Hardcore ASL Video Level Seven: Locations, Bodies in Motion, Storytelling, Sports, Clothing, Shopping, Groups, Structures.
ASL Levels 1-7

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