American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Workshops
by Janna Sweenie and David Boles

We also provide workshops, lectures and performances for your company or group on the following topics -- and whatever topics you decide you want us to cover. We can increase or decrease the timeframe to fit your needs. Here are some recent workshops and private presentations we have provided:
Facilitating Communication Between Deaf Consumers, First Responders, and Health Specialists

Interpreting Songs and Stage Dialogue for the Live Theatre

Differential Modes of Learning: Teaching ASL at the High School and Collegiate Level

Is an Interpreter a Clarifier?

How to Mediate Interpreter Code of Ethics Violations in the Field

Employing ASL Methods to Foster Communication With Non-Deafened Disabled Students in the Classroom

Using Informal Games to Ignite Formal ASL Acquisition at Home

The Moral Imperative of Immoral Interpreting

The Changing Face of Students in American Deaf Schools

Total Communication: From TTY to Video Relay to Face Time

Exploring Communication Memes

Deaf Culture and Teenager Street Signs (based on our Hand Jive book!)

Communication Methods Without Sign Language (mime, gesturing, home signs...)

Keys to Understanding ASL (eye contact, facial expression, signing smoothly...)

Deaf Norms (tapping, waving, lights flashing...)

Interaction in a Deaf Group (parties, festivals, get-togethers)

Different Sign Language Forms (ASL, PSE, SEE, etc.)

Working with Disabled Workers

Overcoming Hearing Issues in Silent American Sign Language Classes
If you need us to travel beyond the New York City area, transportation and overnight accommodations will need to be provided. We can also create a workshop or presentation on a topic of your choosing.
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